Why Your Company Should Hire a Recruitment Consultant or a Headhunter?

Good employees are one of the keys to your business growth. On the other side, good employees are quite difficult to find, and even if you’re able to find and hire them, there’s no guarantee that these good employees would be stay for a long employment period at your company.

The executive search industry in Indonesia has grown rapidly in recent years, give credit to lots of new business investments and the resulting labor shortage. Large corporations make up most of the executive search firms´ business. But small companies, which lack the resources or recruiting expertise of larger competitors, stand to gain even more by hiring a search firm. Since startup and emerging businesses have fewer employees than large corporations, a bad hire hurts a growing business more than it does a big, established company.

One of the main advantages of using a recruitment consultant or a headhunter is because you don’t need to read and sort hundreds of CVs or resumes – just like when you did all the recruitment process internally. You will only receive several CVs or resumes of highly qualified candidates, which might be an employee or a former employee of your competitors.

Speaking about your competitors, I took this interesting excerpt from an article at AllBusiness.com website to explain the best reason for you to hire a recruitment consultant or a headhunter:

Do you have specific positions that are particularly hard to fill? Is there a talent shortage for the jobs? Even if you have an in-house human resources person who handles the hiring, you may still need a recruiter from time to time to help you with very specialized or high-level positions.

In fact, an outside recruiter may have access to people you couldn’t legally or ethically consider. It may be unethical for you to try to hire talent away from your competitors, but a third-party recruiter is free to contact particular people to tell them about this wonderful opportunity, says senior recruiter Dave Perl. “Recruiters have the ability to target specific people at your competitors.”

At first, you might think that hiring a service of a recruitment consultant or a headhunter is too expensive. It can be, but so can all the time and money you’ve spent in the last year on identifying, recruiting, and hiring people.

Try to quantify your recruiting efforts in total money spent. Include the impact that the diversion had on your business. Then compare that to the typical fee of a recruiter, which is only 20% of a candidate’s first year fixed gross income. You may be surprised at how close the costs are!

Other important fact to think about, a recruitment consultant or a headhunter can definitely do the job faster and better than you can. You could get around 3 to 5 CVs or resumes of highly qualified candidates in less than two weeks.

In long term, hiring a recruitment consultant or a headhunter might benefit your company in recruiting highly qualified candidates — especially for middle level and senior level management positions — and also make it easier to shift your focus to do other more important core business activities.


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