Why Your Company Should Hire a Recruitment Consultant or a Headhunter?

Good employees are one of the keys to your business growth. On the other side, good employees are quite difficult to find, and even if you’re able to find and hire them, there’s no guarantee that these good employees would be stay for a long employment period at your company.

The executive search industry in Indonesia has grown rapidly in recent years, give credit to lots of new business investments and the resulting labor shortage. Large corporations make up most of the executive search firmsĀ“ business. But small companies, which lack the resources or recruiting expertise of larger competitors, stand to gain even more by hiring a search firm. Since startup and emerging businesses have fewer employees than large corporations, a bad hire hurts a growing business more than it does a big, established company.

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Job Vacancy: Lead Project Manager

Monroe Consulting Group is a global team of recruitment specialists, boasting a network of over 40 offices located throughout Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Our office located in Jakarta, works with some of the best-known local and multi-national companies to deliver consistently high levels of service and delivery within Middle to Senior Management recruitment.

Our client is a multinational construction consulting company, servicing various clients from mining, oil & gas, geothermal and several other industries with offices all around South America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

To strengthen the core management team, they are looking for a qualified person to join their office in Jakarta for the following position:

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5 Cara Mudah Supaya Headhunter Menemukan Anda

Diakui atau tidak, ketika headhunter menghubungi anda untuk menawarkan posisi di perusahaan klien yang diwakilinya, sebetulnya headhunter telah terlebih dulu melihat ada sesuatu yang menarik dari kualifikasi profesional yang anda miliki.

Dengan kualifikasi tersebut, headhunter memiliki pemikiran bahwa bisa jadi andalah salah satu kandidat tepat yang bisa dinominasikan untuk mengisi posisi lowong di perusahaan kliennya, dan itu berarti terbukalah juga kesempatan untuk menempati posisi lebih baik dan kemungkinan mendapatkan kenaikan penghasilan.

Yang menjadi pertanyaan sekarang, adakah cara mudah supaya headhunter menemukan anda?

Jawabannya: ada! Inilah 5 cara mudah supaya hal tersebut bisa terjadi.

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