Job Vacancies at Santos

Monroe Consulting Group is a global team of recruitment specialists, boasting a network of over 40 offices located throughout Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Our office located in Jakarta, works with some of the best-known local and multi-national companies to deliver consistently high levels of service and delivery within Middle to Senior Management recruitment.

Our Client, Santos, is an Australian based oil and gas exploration and production with interest and operations in every major Australian petroleum province, and in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and Egypt.

Santos is committed to provide a work environment where people enjoy what they do and are motivated to achieve, while supporting the diverse needs of the individual. In Santos, people’s skills and ideas are the fundamental to the company’s ability to prosper and grow.

Within the growing Indonesian business, we’re seeking a number of key positions and a broad range of people with 3 to 10+ years working experience in Oil & Gas Production Operations.

For further details, please visit our website, or click this link.


One thought on “Job Vacancies at Santos

  1. Ridzal Rasiddi

    i believe i have written to you in the past. i have also checked out your other job website and submitted my CV there.

    would appreciate if you could assist me in searching for suitable senior employment opportunities within the JKT employment market for someone like myself.

    i am non-indonesian (i am asian), with over 17years experience in the area of strategy, business development & corporate finance. i have various industry work experience, ranging from oil & gas to property development to logistics, etc.

    do let me know if you would like to have my CV for further perusal and if you can assist.


    Ridzal Rasiddi



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