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My name is Haryo Utomo Suryosumarto. I am an expert in the executive search consulting, career counseling, corporate culture transformation, and employee engagement improvement initiatives.

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About My Blog

About My BlogBlogging is kind of a “forgotten” activity for me. I started to create my blog back in April 2005 at, and then I tried to use WordPress. But as time goes by, I rarely had any time to update my beloved old blogs again.

I believe blogging is a delightful experience if only we wrote something that we passionate about it. That’s why I create this blog using my last name as the domain name to write and share everything I know about recruitment, career, job hunting, and also headhunting.

If I write in Bahasa Indonesia, it doesn’t mean that Indonesian people are that bad in English, not at all! The most important thing for me is sharing my knowledge in the easiest understandable way for almost everyone, from fresh graduates with no work experience to veteran professionals with over 20 years of work experience.

Hopefully, you could get something valuable from what I share here in this blog.


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Basically, in the most straightforward language:

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