Overwhelming Responses for Job Vacancies at Santos

Since we put a print ad on Kompas and Jawa Pos newspaper (Saturday edition, June 21, 2008) for job vacancies at Santos , we got massive responses from thousands of professionals in the oil & gas industry.

Until today we have received no less than 2500 CVs or resumes for all nine vacant positions. Therefore, we would like to apologize if we didn’t call you for a pre-screened phone interview, since we only interviewed limited numbers of candidates with the most relevant experience that perfectly matched with the job requirements.

No need to worry, if you think that you’re qualified enough but didn’t manage to pass our initial selection process, your CVs or resumes would be entered into our database for future reference. Hopefully we could call you for other clients’ job requirements in the near future.

Job Vacancies at Santos

Monroe Consulting Group is a global team of recruitment specialists, boasting a network of over 40 offices located throughout Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Our office located in Jakarta, works with some of the best-known local and multi-national companies to deliver consistently high levels of service and delivery within Middle to Senior Management recruitment.

Our Client, Santos, is an Australian based oil and gas exploration and production with interest and operations in every major Australian petroleum province, and in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and Egypt.

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Apa Keuntungan Memberikan Referensi?

Salah seorang kandidat yang pernah saya proses pernah menanyakan begini, “Mas Haryo, kalau saya mereferensikan nama rekan saya kepada anda, apa keuntungannya buat saya?”

Jawaban saya pada waktu itu kurang lebih sebagai berikut: Seandainya anda memberikan referensi nama rekan anda untuk dijadikan sebagai salah satu kandidat pada job requirement yang sedang saya garap, lalu ternyata teman anda itu pada akhirnya menerima offer dari perusahaan klien saya, anda akan menerima sekedar ucapan terima kasih dari Monroe Consulting Group.

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